Is the EHome Delivery Business Right For You?

Is the EHome Delivery Business Right For You?


Before I get into the eHome delivery business I want to talk a little bit about network marketing:

Now with the internet, network mar  Nangs Delivery eting has totally changed. Traditionally you had silly rules like the 3 foot rule, where you try to prospect everybody in your vicinity about your network marketing business. In my opinion that was very difficult for the average networker to do because why should you be talking to people about your business who have not even initially expressed an interest in your business? It’s like the blind leading the blind. It’s like talking to a guy selling lawnmowers about network marketing, and he never asked to be solicited, so why would you ask him?

Traditionally successful networkers were people with very thick necks. People who could experience an awful lot of rejection. That was very hard to duplicate, because no one really wants to deal with that. There is a better way. Go from being the hunter to the hunted. That is the ultimate goal of online network marketing, and I’d love to help you understand exactly how it’s done.

eHome Delivery is a young company with a huge vision. The products are of the utmost value, and the business opportunity is just plain exciting. Have you ever dreamt of buying groceries far below your average ‘supermarket’ price? I’m sure you have. Have you ever dreamt of receiving those groceries at your doorstep free of charge? Probably not, because you didn’t think it was possible. With eHome Delivery this is a reality.

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